An appointment will be scheduled for you as needed. You will be notified of your appointment date and time. My husband is in the Navy and is currently stationed in Japan. scope: Purpose. When this instruction differs from references (a) through (f), those documents shall govern. User account menu. Going Overseas? Refer to MILPERSMAN Articles 1300-302 and 1300-304. Available for PC, iOS and Android. Military with Dependents. An overseas screening can be called different things in each branch of the DoD. Contact Us Directory About the MHS Leadership History Employment Opportunities. Completed by the medical provider to identify special needs and determine if a service or family member is suitable for an overseas, remote duty, or operational assignment. I have never had any medical issues with it, I just have to take a pill every night. a. Protect yourself from the flu-- Get vaccinated, wash your hands, sneeze and cough into your elbow, and stay home if you're sick. Responses must be sent to Step 4: Complete the overseas screening process and submit the overseas area clearance request via AMHS/OIX message My question is does the screening have to be done by a Naval doctor, because he is in the Navy? I needed to track down a copy of my immunization records from my hometown pediatrician before scheduling my medical screening. Archived. An appointment will be scheduled for you as needed. 5 comments. 2. Department of the Navy . Families moving overseas for military orders will soon have another screening process to add to their list of things to do. As Overseas Screening Coordinator, she assisted 50 Navy and Marine Corps patients in completing their overseas screenings documentation and verifying support for them amd their families overseas. ... (think PCSing to and from your overseas assignment) ... Navy and Marine Corps: contact the Suitability Screening … Under the old system it took, on average, 77 days to get overseas … The Navy screening is done differently than the other branches, it isn't considered a EFMP screening, that is totally separate and has nothing to do with going overseas. Articles Videos Clinics. 6) Screening complete. BMC Bush (Camp Courtney) BMC Evans (Camp Foster) BMC Futenma BMC Hansen BMC Kinser BMC Schwab SMART North About Us. Sailors have to complete overseas screening within 30 days of receiving the LOI. 4) Member works with transferring command to contact local MTF IOT obtain an appointment for overseas screening for themselves and dependent(s), as applicable. All 3 services: After you complete the DD2792 form, the pt or parent takes it to their respective Overseas/EFMP office to process. This may hold the transferring command accountable for all costs associated with an improperly executed Oconus PCS move. Operational and Overseas Suitability Screening . The closest naval base to us is like a hour away but we have a army base 5 minutes away. The Navy has streamlined overseas screening to cut processing time and limit gaps from those who fail to qualify. Navy hastening overseas screening to ease manning gaps. Articles Videos Clinics. I am a Navy spouse and my husband just got stationed in Bahrain for a year unaccompanied tour. Per BUMEDINST 1300.2B, the OSS process is required to be completed within 30 days of receipt of orders. Attach the completed Report of Medical History (DD 2807-1) to this form. share. The overseas screening is really the Exceptional Family Member Program(EFMP). Chief petty officer selects stand in formation at Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, Ill., in this undated file photo. Contact Us Directory About the MHS Mission Leadership Please complete the following information with the most accurate information possible: He is trying to change his orders where I will be able to come. But my question is do you get your overseas screening before or after you get hard copies. Medical Screening. procedures via the Overseas Screening Deficiency Report (OSDR), which is sent to BUMED AND HQMC. Posted by 2 years ago. So long story short. 5) Member has 30 days while dependents have 60 days to complete the overseas screening. I have always went to an Endocrinologist once a year only because it has always been available to me. Navy operational overseas screening debt to income ratio? Service 1. I have orders to Japan and I need a screening. There should be a patient admin at your clinic that can help get your overseas screening done. I can't remember if I had to sign a waiver for my adhd but since I had been >2years since medication they didn't pay any mind to it and let me in, I'm wondering if this will affect overseas screening, any advice? The new process is called the Family Member Travel Screening (FMTS), and is currently being piloted at select installations in the United States and overseas. NMAU assists active duty members and their families in completing their OVERSEAS SCREENING, SEA DUTY SCREENING (ship duty), or MEDICAL ASSIGNMENT SCREENING (after a period of limited duty). To establish policy and assign responsibilities regarding overseas screening within the Department of the Navy (DON). save. Commander, Navy Installations Command 716 Sicard Street SE Suite 1000 Washington, DC 20374-5140. The first day I'm trying get stuff done I have two issues already. Overseas screening disqualifications. I'm a navy corpsman who's debt to income ratio is 28%, my projected for camp Pendleton is 35% since I'm losing BAS, since I'm going with the Marines and it counts as a sea duty billet, will this disqualify me … 2. Unless things changed in the last 3 years, you can't even start the overseas screening until you receive hard copy orders. If command still recommends member should be considered for overseas Yes. Start a free trial now to save yourself time and money! Personnel office at my command gave me my paperwork for the screening, patient admin gave me my wife's. When we moved to Japan in 2008, I was shocked by the length of this 10-page questionnaire. Lastly, schedule your overseas medical screening. You will be notified of your appointment date and time. Contract Employment Civilian Personnel Once an enlisted service member is accepted by the Career Management System/Interactive Detailing (CMS-ID) for an overseas/remote CONUS assignment, the command, the command*s immediate superior-in-command and type commander will be notified by Commander, Navy Personnel Command (NPC) (PERS- 4) via a letter of intent (LOI) to commence the overseas screening. (To be completed by Commanding Officer of transferring command.) Unless the closest base to you is a Army base then you need to speak to the MTF about this. Our son and I are going to be moving over there to live with him and I know we have to get overseas screening done. Talked to both medical and my cc and they said after . I have graves disease which is hyperthyroidism. “The current process of starting overseas screening after receipt of permanent change of station (PCS) orders, delays Sailors and families from completing overseas screening in a timely manner. If they don’t complete the screening within that window, they will automatically be considered for reassignment to a needs-of-the-Navy assignment. Any questions checked "YES" (with the exception of questions 11 and 15), disqualifies member for overseas assignment. b. Please complete the below information for picking up Suitability Screening information or packets. Navy only: DD2807 - also required for *Navy only* whether or not the patient has special needs or not. Hornet Health Clinic Navy Medicine Readiness & Training Unit Fallon. Please complete the below information for picking up Suitability Screening information or packets. Navy and Marine Corps Service Members permanently assigned to overseas duty shall complete overseas screening prior to executing the assignment. These processes will affect everyone needing an overseas screening here is what you need to know. duty/life in the assigned overseas location. But on my navy assignment I got an alert saying “you are applying for a duty that requires an overseas screening “. That was a big hang up for my wife and me since we got married during transfer leave and needed an expedited ordmod so she could get her plane ticket (not that anyone asked or cares.) The most secure digital platform to get legally binding, electronically signed documents in just a few seconds. Overseas screening disqualifications. BREMERTON, Wash. (NNS) -- When a recent Navy-wide message about the Overseas Screening process was disseminated throughout the fleet, what began as a … Overseas Screening (OSS) Customer Relations News & Gallery. As Records Clerk for Patient Administration, HN Cesaer copied over 50 active duty medical records, updated over 60, and filed over 500 chits. I'm in A school currently and my instructor mentioned that if you have a condition that had to be waived for you to get in, it might disqualify you for oversea duty. And without a medical screening, you won’t get your travel orders. TYPE DUTY CLASSIFICATION CODE: (Navy enlisted only) PART I. No N/A. Suitability Screening . Overseas / Sea Duty Screening Contact Information . Fill out, securely sign, print or email your USCG OVERSEAS/REMOTE DUTY SCREENING PROCESS - med navy instantly with SignNow. Military sponsors who have children with special education needs must go through an educational screening through the Service's Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) and complete the DD Form 2792-1 prior to receiving orders as part of the assignment process. So just a bit confused any guidance would be great! Can also fill out 1300/1 - does not determine overseas travel; just indicates that you have reviewed the form. Close. All the screening is to make sure that you don't have any major medical problems that might not be able to be met in an overseas duty station (Cancer, asthma, etc). ITEM. Suitability Screening Customer Relations IG Hotline Quality & Patient Safety News & Gallery. Or can it be done by a Army doctor? b. Even with Tricare standard, you can be seen on base, should be a military doctor that signs off in her screening. Uscg Screening. This is a mandatory screening process to determine if your receiving duty station will have the necessary medical and educational tools available to meet your family’s needs. c. Suitability screening procedures are used to: (1) Determine suitability of Navy and Marine Corps Service members and their family members, in receipt of orders or an Overseas Screening Notification (OSN) to overseas or remote duty assignments by identifying … Their families have 60 days. The transferring command and the local military treatment facility shall retain records of overseas screening of military personnel for a … Program Overview (Published by T. Marko, BUMED (MED-31 BAS) - Version: 13 Feb 02) • The Navy's Suitability Screening Program is designed to determine the suitability of Navy and Marine Corps service and family members for overseas or remote duty assignments. If you are unable to get the care you or your children require it might mean you can not PCS with him. Welcome Aboard Branch Dental Clinic Monterey Naval Medical Administrative Unit Monterey About Us. r/navy: For anything Navy related, not limited to US Navy. Overseas / Sea Duty Screening Contact Information . The overseas screening process requires additional actions beyond those of CONUS based PCS orders and assignments.
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