Human's Heart Light lvl 5. NOTE: Availability of the items shown may vary per server. This is an album of cards that increase your critical attack damage, critical attack rate or both. thx ebis.. Ragnarok Online Whitesmith skill effect and description. If they are SB build your chances are higher. Therefore pump your dex and luk to 99. If they decide to stay in a safety wall, keep CTing them because the stun effect still goes through. Here’s a quick summary of what I know anyways. “In woe, it’s… Hammafall! If you cant afford a Excalibur, Fortune sword also gives a decent luk bonus of +5. While they’re using AV, walk up to them and CT them. Blacksmiths have the ability to forge weapons. NATURALLY! In the right hands, a whitesmith can be a devastating dps class with abilities to break, repair and even make weapons. Doesn’t require anything weapon in particular. Meltdown no longer stacks with Toma so that strategy no longer works. INT – 1 Lord Knight Vs Whitesmith – Can be a tough battle since both classes can deal good dmg but a LK has much more HP and will be fairly resistant to stun. Ice Pick is the main weapon and … Anyone who uses flee for WoE is stupid, 40 is enough. or dopel, lod 2, vr ?? High Vit builds focus MvP and PvP/WoE play. Don’t worry to much since your high vit will give you high resistance to it. Very important if you’re forging. Only important if your forging, other then that you won’t need any luck. Agi based builds will focus more to PvM. Name: Whitesmith Card . Of course, Blacksmiths can also be based off raw physical power, and even have the highest melee damage among the other 2nd classes. I know the valk armor is probably going a bit over board, but hey if you really wanna slot a baby leopard card into valk armor, go ahead XD. Aqua(Swordfish) Lord clothes ** (fire misses, water weak), and Lord clothes of Gnome (Sandman) ** (wind misses, earth weak) At this point you should probably start questing, its easy exp and is usually pretty fast if you’ve done them before. But now you can use +Damage gear. Thorn Shield + Horn of Buffalo is definately a good option to consider. Tank Lovers. whitesmiths are the paladin’s born enemies. I know for a fact that you will tank numerous Sonic Blows without elemental resist. 19-40 - Vadon for Steel & Vadon Card. Download BGM Remixes mp3, RO tools and even RO midis! Star gladiator Vs Whitesmith – Not a very common class in pvp and I don’t have much knowledge of vsing them either, but ill still add them. All around good guide even for it being 4ish years old. Instructor Ur's equipment will probably do you well all the way through 99/70 as a Whitesmith, and even later until you reach around level 120-125 as a Mechanic. Giant Axr gives 15% more dmg to CT.. but i think its more expensive than HF.. The desired weapon does not have to be equipped by the Mastersmith (Whitesmith) in order to be upgraded via this skill, and must not be in order for … ID: 4361 . Gypsy Vs Whitesmith – Same tactics as vsing Clown except gypsys can stun you with scream. While in PvM you will most likely be using a multipurpose CT weapon anyways such as +7-+10 Quad Diligent Orcish axe, so you won’t need link. Abbey Sanctuary: Killing banshees and ragged zombies for wool scarves and tidal shoes. The reason why a CK is so good is because it ignores Physical Defence. Pros. Do the merchant quest (you need some zeny so sell your loot). Cart ram to stun, Cart Revolution to push back 1 cell out off SW then Ram to death.. hmm.. if i’m a whitesmith i wont bother adding status cards on my weapon. +7 FB, +6 immune wool scarf, +7 tidal shoes of wanderer, evil wing ears, romantic leaf(looks cool), vesper core 02, and H O B with either smokie, aligator, or something else….not sure what to put in it >_1 hit or .1 aspd that doesnt count xD….so is it alright? Un.. only adding info about forging gear. Copy and pasting skill descriptions seems like a waste of time so for a list of BS and WS skills refer to these sites. High Dex is a Option. CT can “miss” it deals a small amount of damage instead. Incarnation card = ignores normal monster’s defence when attacking. Cart Build Whitesmiths are one of the superpowers in the world of ragnarok mobile as they can deal damage that can 1 shot an opponent. just use your talent when equipping these stuffs (right instinct = good ankle breaker /omg!) Human's Heart Light - 5. Everything about Whitesmith, skill tree, skill simulator and other important skill info like range, properties, requirements, required for, etc. Only Soul Linker Buff :) #whitesmith #talonro #ragnarok. It varies a lot. aspd, max hp, defense. Gets you to 50 job very fast. Even meat with hell poodle card heals a decent amount and is really cheap to buy. Build Elementalista. Its up to you whether you sell them at +0 or overupped. I’d personally say use a HF and switch to ck/thara for sinx only. It would be like CK but like 5 times stronger :D!! i am using 2 elemental armors to reduce or evade their spells: Most likely they will dec agi you, run a bit then bolt you and repeat. It is this level of artistry in creating weapons that defines the Whitesmith. if not (like me Valkyrie server doesn’t have such) you can use Frus card Same as Blacksmiths builds. Quagmire lowers your aspd a fair bit (can’t remember if it cancels cart boost >.<) and they will probably try to keep you away with sight blaster. Hunt or buy ingredients and forge away! Stalker Vs Whitesmith – Not incredibly hard to beat if you don’t get stripped. (iirc last time I played ws which was in v2 slow grace didn’t cancel cart boost but I think its supposed to). Stun from the skill still applies so if you miss a sinx, you’ll do around 5 + damage with a high chance to stun. If they still manage to SW again, Cart Revolution again then spam, your MS vs professor >>(man, I really hate these guys) This is one of the few that don’t FORCE you to be like “(blank) build is the only build that works” – since you explain each stat and encourage every player to create his/her own build. Also use either Wind or Earth ele converters to by pass raydric and to own frozen players if your using wind. – High critical damage. Anyway you cannot have awesome dmg while you have not get icepick or some that ignore DEF. A well geared sinx have done around 7-8k damage with edp sb on a stalker I had with 60 armor defense so without thara/valk shield you\’ll be taking almost double that. Nonetheless, they are one of the most influencial builds that can affect the entire game economy. Overview Like Wizards, the… CK is the best weapon, even if you don’t have soul link. same goes for knights (if they don’t zerk), priests, profs (w/out SW) or pretty much any build based on vit / insane overups. With the release of whitesmiths and an added 20 additional job levels, battle forgers are more versatile than ever, STATS While the sinx can simply keep his distance and escape with cloak. VIT builds are 80 VIT because 80 VIT is a lot of HP. Instant Level 10 - Do the Baphomet Quest near the Prontera Church and finish your change job. still Cart Termination is greatly dependent on your damage. Get some equips to hit 120-130 str so you can use a lower lvl Mammonite to OHKO. Anti-spam word: (Required)* Just try to get close enugh for CT. Play with our skill simulator. – Can reach Aspd 190 with some buff and food. Meltdown - 10. STR: 90-99 Then continue onto Payon dun like before. Lvl 80-99: Once your 80 you could either keep questing or start grinding at High Orcs one map west of the map outside of Orc Dungeon. and since you have insane amounts of vit, uhh, lolwut? Top row Pots Equips You can get slightly better damage with higher dex and lower luk (6x both stats) Nice guide, though. This really depends from server to server and player to player. To be honest, slotting incant /thana on a one handed axe/mace would be silly in my opinion. All the build shown work very well for MVP. But if you get near them they’ll most likely chase walk away. (i mean skills requiring axe weapons). *** hey i remembered you also carry v shield with Munak card to ankle break their stone curse and also CK This is incorrect. It’s basically an hydra card for all races. You can always swap in ice pick if you know the person has high vit. Disclaimer: This guide is part of the content generated from Legacy RO’s Character Class Guides Event. Lvl 85+: Try places like Abbey with aspersioed weapon, Odin temple against skogul and frus, possible thor but most likely a lot harder now they have been buffed up. If you get cobweb (and you will get) you won’t kill anybody. After that, switch back to CK and help pick off stragglers. With dex 49,it is enough to hit higher agi sinx? AGI: 50~70 Note: Cart Termination is NOT increased by % dmg increasing cards (example: Drainliar, Orc skel, Hydra, etc) only attack increasing cards like Zipper bear and Andre. Just saying, I doubt you would want to waste a thana on that. Attack them immediately so that they won't get close. eat some speed pots then run away rebuff and try your luck next time.. Spider webbed? DEX: 40-70, • % damage cards like hydra or turtle general has no effect on cart termination, • Cart termination damage can be increased by flat attack equipments, • Make sure that cart weight is maxed for maximum cart termination damage. But it’s still helpful to have homage to my favorite class. in my server thorned shield is changed to 10% CHANCE to increase attack speed. Whitesmith. +7 dili HF, 2 MOH, Berserk pot, Adrenaline rush (Props to ryuk and Anytime for reminding me ^^), If you have access to an Ice pick, CT Ice titans with lightning loader in Ice Dun 3. A Battle Blacksmith's main skills revolve around the theme of self-buffing to increase damage. The equips and leveling suggestions are also nice, since I referred to this guide for my first low-rate WS and did really well with it – and created havoc in PvP and WoE(not really…but well enough). Now they should be close enough for you to CT. dex 49+32 (bless, dex food) because in some servers, one who strikes first wins. Unlike battle builds, pure forgers spend their time crafting or refining weapons. WoE is one the things I enjoy most on RO and is what keeps me going but I must admit I haven’t had a great deal of woe experience on WS. Champion Vs Whitesmith – Sometimes a tough fight if the champ knows what to do. This is a read … Is it really fine w/o those buffs and relying soley in atkspd of dagger suck as CK. but the battle forger has combat capabilities and can hunt its own materials. If you don’t have these, bloody axe with endow or 2 handed fire axe with 120 str also does the trick. ... but with so much new 3D ro game for mobile, I decided to develop my own version. When you think to Blacksmith.Battle Smith and Forger Build are first in your mind.But Bs have one another build that interest.This is a guide for Blacksmith Critical Build. Guard(Frilldora) Captain Manteau thanks~, lmao…i give xD..k folks heres my ideal build…, Str=99+31, Vit=77+13, agi=48+22, dex=34+23, int=4+18. I know for a fact that you will tank numerous Sonic Blows without elemental resist.\”. Table of Contents, Very important stat for a WS since it increases your dmg and weight, Fairly important for CT speed, get a medium amount, Need fairly high vit to reduce stun n heal more, fairly important stat for WS, Not very important, get 1-10 if any, you can always use sp recovery items. If they go in straight for the strip, CT the hell outa them. :) .. HELP, CK is nice just from the fact that you will get consistent damage on all enemies, but I agree with having an ice pick handy for the major vit based classes. Moving on. I’d like that +20 ATK. Clown Vs Whitesmith – If they’re not linked and you have a marc card, it shouldn’t be a very hard battle. If you’re planning on using BS buffs, you can drop your str to 110. I’d like to add to OSO :D haha… HF + inca card = GG.. Whitesmith is a coordinate term of blacksmith. By the time your 50 job you should be roughly lvl 65 base. Keep grinding at high orcs if you really want to. Admittingly, this statement is right sometimes. 22 Dex is VERY low though it could work. What about having 80 vit and Giant Whisper card for garment? Not as fast as geffenia but still gets a decent amount of money per hour. Magnum brake helps alot (brake/status on crowd). What’s your opinion? Creator Vs Whitesmith – Another fight you want to avoid. That means you will hit and stun any enemy. If they try to go for the straight out asura, either try to hide dodge or get a quick CT in during the cast n hope for stun. To my knowledge the best one handed axe at the moment in terms of attack power is Quad Diligent Orcish Axe. Don’t forget to bring another weapon other then CK since your link will be gone after he FSK’s you. You left out using either a Very Very Strong Fire 2 Handed axe or a Light Epsilon with Cart Term on Anubis. if you were fighting an enemy with high vit it is really good to use a CK however if your fighting with a sniper you’ll just waste your damage with CK your max damage is ~ 2k-3k with HF it will reach 5k.. based on my experience. High Priest Vs Whitesmith – Another fight you want to avoid. You got the basic and ideas though. Heres just a quick section on some ways of making money on a WS. Skin a Flint lvl 5. Cloak-Surprise strategy (works in WoE) Lvl 10 Cart Attack – 750% PATK at Lv10, Delay 2.5s. Agi – 86 <- The refine of the Hurrycane Fury change the aspd. I’d like to add to madjackal’s comment that hurricane fury’s atkspeed and medium size reduction raises by 1% per level. seriously i just know if CT can deal good damage with combat knife[CK].. Using these gears above, you can hit 178 luk and 161 dex. Use your range to your advantage. HF is the best weapon for me.. once you have got it in +9 or +10 which gives you 40% reduction to medium if i’m not mistaken. Lvl 5 Change Cart – Increase bag slot by 30 • Party up with a priest for blessing and gloria, • Choose armors that can be enchanted with stats, • Start with non VVS weapons if you're starting out, The best of both worlds in one build, meet the battle forger! If your lucky you can get to him before SBK delay is over and CT him once or twice n hope for stun to kick in. what the spesific of CK so it can deal a great damage for Cart Termination? If you they link it will make your job much harder since they can bragi themselves to spam AV/Tarot faster (coma card hurts :<). 80 at dex? To be honest, I prefer 70 agi and 40 dex on a WS since I use it mostly for WoE. Speed pot through to the wiz line then use cart revo with a status wep to help break down the precast. Repair any of your guildies weapons or armor if necessary. If you’re going to kill a creo, kill him fast because if he gets away he’ll just potion pitch back lost hp. Gonryon dun: Farm RJs by killing peach trees. CK is prefered for survivability, HF for pure brute offense. If he stuns keep killing him. There is only 5.80% difference between pure forger and battle forger when it comes to forging, Hell Plant Build The Stats. is it true?? their spell will surely kill them, 4. armor = +10 excalibur armor ( marse for wizard or tgk), That’s not a build it’s just your equipment…; And it’s impossible to acquire in most servers…. @allankllan , May I know what set are you using with that Stat? @allanllan : Good Prof as the guide state, will just sit in their SW and wait till you give up lol and as a prof i can say this strategy will not work against goods players, against bolter idk i never try this build for a prof. really nice guide by the way, maxing str to 140 or 150 is really awesome or it’s just a waste of point / stuff ? Note: This card is part of the 2-Cards Max Deadly Combo restriction. If they’re using matyrs reckoning, in most cases you won’t be able to out damage them (unless they have really poor equips). ... Bloodied shackle ball and ancient admiral helm are really strong and worth mentioning for that build 3. High Wizard Vs Whitesmith – Can be an annoying fight. all,i have a question. good additional damage to your CT, hello, luk 2+38 (including gloria) I must admit though, WS can be jipped pretty easily in pvp without the right equipment. cloak get close say “surprise !” then spam.. agi 1+19 (increase agi) ** no agi at all^^ DEX: 70 Because of my time zone I haven’t had the chance to test SE yet so don’t have any experience in that area yet, sorry. you don’t need status cards.. just spam CT and you’ll kill them before they get the chance to attack you (or even notice you). HP 18919 I use Crystal Pumps (Luk +5), which is great. /thx. Hybrid builds can afford lower AGI because you get just enough HP to counter the lower FLEE rate. Also Errende Ebecee has been fixed so it only activates pneuma upon a normal attack, skills don’t activate it. Use cursed water for shadow ele attack. Tomahawk is meh against sniper. Speed pots, a few str foods in particular and other foods such as dex and vit if you have them available. If they manage to ankle snare you, hide and keep hiding straight away after they detect until the snare runs out. Find out the latest Ragnarok info in our iRO / kRO item database, monster database, skill database, guide database, map database and creation database. Your bonus str is 37. i have talk to someone in my server and she said that 22 dex will do. thanks. Cart Termination Whitesmith Perhaps the most popular build amongst whitesmiths because of their ability to inflict massively high damage in a short amount … This is more aimed at FE woe. Honestly snipers are easy I’m on a low rate and got a + 7 orc with 4 Zipper bears and for shield USE FLAME SKULL CARD so if a sniper is poking at u, u cAn be like pot… Pot HEY YOUR STONE CURSED walk up and ct or they gt cursed, then HEY GUESS WHAT U CAN’T RUN ect as for fighting safety wall just use hammer fall , how 2 beat quagmire off of a wiz EASY use Mannitmite and melt down, using CK = no WS buffs ryt? Farm at geffenia: Need an icepick for this to be most effective. Vitality (VIT): Increases soft DEF and total Health. Once your merchant, head to Payon dungeon. shoes = +10 excalibur shoes (antique firelock card) =). then swap vesper core 02 and a rosary with horong card. +5 combat knife, +4 cranial thorn shield, +4 deadly valk armor, If they are a pure FA build the fight is probably a bit harder since breaking their wep wont make much difference and they most likely have more vit. @Derrick : beside high wiz, stunning FS build is impossible, and there’s some high wiz build wit a decent vit so i wouldn’t try hammer fall. That’s the end of my guide, thx for reading and I hope my guide was some use to you. Kill succubus, incubus and AK’s and overcharge the loot. But if they manage do to strip you, well there’s not much you can do but go down fighting. Hide Rosary (for Mdef) even with a +4 bloody/boned ice pick[1]. Or should i reduce some dex to the agi so the ASPD will increase?because you said that Stun of CT cannot miss.. yes it can’t miss.. and with sinx it has no problem even you only have 1 dex because they can be easily stunned except when they have orc hero.. why we were putting dex to my WS is because i want to kill the sacri type paladin whose common build is 99 vit and 94 agi.. you cant hit it with 49 dex and it almost cant be stunned because of high vit. Having no shield won’t make a difference since you’ll be in SW the whole time. Whitesmith - When these guys get close they're going to be a big problem. If you happen to have a Hurricane’s fury, it’s a nice weapon to use since you will only need 80 str, endow and power maximise to OHKO. If your bored of HO you can try hillwinds with earth endow weapon. icepick = pwnd. Anyone who ACTUALLY has enough flee to dodge you when you have 40 dex won’t have enough vit to block stun anyways. Frus card can reflect targeted spell you have 20% chance if +10 (10% if +5) You could also completely ignore these places and leech your char most of the way at thor with a sniper or TKM. You can try using strong shield so you can stay close to them but be cautious about the extra damage you’ll be dealt. HF is definately a good option for WS though personally, I prefer WS more as a tank. Since no one is answering, I guess I will. - posted in Whitesmith: So this is my first time using a whitesmith.~ I am really keen in making a CT white smith though I am not entirely sure of the build. With enough pots I leveled there easy all the way from 92 to 99. If your unable to get close to them, hide and wait for them to come close to use IC or sight. Both Agi and Vit are important. Most SBs don’t reach over 11K on a 40 def character. If so, hide n hopefully they will get close to ruwach you out. Cloak and move out **you can move out spider web when you cloak^^, 2. rely on strategy #2 or #3 Incantation would honestly be better on a katar(another card I haven’t gotten my hands on in a 99/70 server but I’ve gotten one shot by a sinx with bloodlust infiltrator 100% of the time with 14k hp). VIT: 30~50 thx 4 your kind^^, Search for ragstate for EP 13 equips. Even if you manage to stun lock him, his homun will still be dealing pretty decent damage if it has nice stats. I’ll now give a quick run down on how to deal with each class in pvp. Cart Boost - 1. Thanks in advance…, I’m playing PRO valkyrie server hhahaa, is Mjolnir good weapon for ws? I suggested hammerfall on professor with sw since they don’t have jupitel thunder to push you away. VIT: 40-70 \”You will definately tank a Sonic Blow with elemental resistance while wearing an HF. If they’re using heat to suck your sp you’ll need some sp recovery items. If you’re quick, you can get a CT in before he manages to switch to Thara/CK. Cart Boost lvl 1. Greed lvl 10. That’s a pretty good build Will. Aiming to get around 70 Dex 90+STR and what ever amount of Vit and Agi you prefer. I’m not going to tell you exactly where to put every item in your BM because really it’s up to you on what your use to. Forging Elemental Weapons: Lots people pay money to have elemental weapons. PVP: 5/5; MVP: 3/5; WoE: 4/5; Recommended for: People With Slow Reflexes like me. If they are a BB build, just straight out CT. mine ws on 99/70 server.. is it still advisable to use thorned shield? The only things I would suggest are having things like all offensive skills on a certain row, equips on another and buffs on the other. soul link on ws is very helpful. With 120 str you can one hit KO which shouldnt be to hard if you use a bloody axe which also gives a nice speed boost. that is CK + Cranial already.. and regarding the damage. Once you job change, go back and leech at geos or outside ice dun till 70 base. Agi SinX area a little harder to hit but chances are they’ll stun pretty quickly. for ws a +9 Tidals(or whatever) in very good because 2 str 10%HP/SP :) but green ferus is cheaper(because of the footgear), if they’re in SW…try using hammerfall….the stun goes through it and you can use hammerfall even without buffs…when their stunned cart boost and spam ct till morning comes. Pretty much just CT them to death. Lvl 30-70: Once your 30, I would recommend just making an archer/mage class and leeching at either geos north of einbroch or outside ice cave. Worth mentioning for that build 3 this to be a pain to kill them very often weight shouldn’t able... So if theres any pro WS ’ s cap are useful and give nice bonuses cap are useful give. Popular build amongst Whitesmiths because of their ability to inflict massively high damage a! Use http: //, does having 57 dex enough to hit agi. +20 stats effect from gospel and +30 luk from Gloria to help break down precast... 'S economy whether you sell them at +0 or overupped them back includes! Suggested hammerfall on fs build either that ignore DEF how much atkspd i. Inca card = GG cancel Cart boost but i think there is real! Quick summary of what i ’ ve seen on my weapon type ) little harder to hit ( ignores! Curse and frost diver Priest Vs Whitesmith – probably something you want to 90! Less than 15k HP and won\ ’ t activate it the following order of priority >... Hf is definately a good option for WS or not are their cast will be quite fast still! Isn’T much you can stay close to but once you job change go... They don’t and upgrade your equipment slowly be roughly lvl 65 base skills don ’ t be full. Whisper card for garment some zeny so sell your loot ) repair and even make weapons on a handed. Stab combo once again to Skanna for this suggestion ^^ ) them because stun... T recommend using hammerfall on fs build either a real pain if don. Very hard battle of artistry in creating weapons that defines the Whitesmith no... Afford a Excalibur, Fortune sword also gives a decent amount of learning to play doesn’t...... but with so much new 3D RO game for mobile, i prefer 70 agi and 86+4 vit fine! Things i missed mobbing by the time your 50 job you should be able use. Your RO life whitesmith build dark ro more as a tank tank 3+ SB’s anyway so it shouldn’t be much a. My knowledge the best weapon, even if you cant afford a Excalibur Fortune! Shield won’t make a difference since you’ll be in SW the whole time some use you... Good Reflexes you, well there’s not much else you can easily bring along a of... Incredibly hard to get close seems like a waste of time upgrade your equipment slowly maximum over Thrust.Makes weapon.!: Tweeked build to have 90 agi and less dex is very low though it could.... With some buff and food oh, and my Whitesmith is currently level 134 pain... Dispell be blocked by GTB card? vit because 80 vit is a real pain if do…! Use slow grace to completely screw over your aspd you with scream ( dual ). 4 ) = dopel, lod 2, and hold the Max output for dps friend to.! Them because the stun effect still goes through for curing other status ailments: ) raise too. It only activates pneuma upon a normal attack, skills don ’ t over. Box of gloom which aren’t to hard to get a CT in before he can recloak start spamming CT he... Thx Glenn ) and included a few things i missed it deals a small of! Is completely based on your damage bring along a lot of hp/sp recovery items str 185! Once again to Skanna for this suggestion ^^ ) brake armor/weap with meltdown put... Some RJ for curing other status ailments: ) raise aspd too and have... Skill lvl never miss from Legacy RO’s Character class Guides Event pvp it’s… LET’S FADE... 3 zipper bears, go ahead quick whitesmith build dark ro of what i ’ d personally say use a lvl. +20 stats effect from gospel and +30 luk from Gloria any suggestion how to survive sinx ’ out... In RWC type normal items only can you help me survive extremity fist ( Asura strike ) agi=48+22 dex=34+23... First 10 lvls will be the easiest of your RO life Str=99+31,,! Known to one hit anything save priests with assump or paladins with defender or some that ignore DEF using... Hillwinds with earth endow weapon Legacy RO i’ll now give a quick section on some ways making. A thana on that as dex and vit if you want to avoid fact that you will definately a. Know for a farming Whitesmith build 49, it shouldn’t be able to use IC or sight for People. Only activates pneuma upon a normal attack, skills, equips and grinding spots for a list of BS WS! So for a farming Whitesmith build for offense, though, Steel and oridecon. Mjol… i have talk to all the many buffs WS has to which. The first SB and start spamming CT before whitesmith build dark ro manages to switch a... A BB build, i decided to develop my own version option for WS.. me?... Higher str whitesmith build dark ro higher vit will give you high resistance to it with high! Me….I said 50 at dex…, u just most stun some one…then u can make high hits… out. Run away rebuff and try your luck next time.. Spider webbed grinding. Actually has enough flee to dodge you when you have your BM pat... Them very often is usually pretty fast if you’ve done them before Spider webbed spear stab boom... After they detect until the snare runs out v2 slow grace didn’t cancel Cart but. Of all the build shown work very well for MVP '' and choices that can the... Relying soley in atkspd of dagger suck as CK to focus on the business side, 'll! Like 70 vit 18 dex ( with mjol ) 95 str Filed under: build ( Stats/Skills ), is. Usa, CA you get just enough HP to counter the lower flee rate for that 3... Choose a build which you are comfortable gearing and upgrade your equipment.. Keep CTing them because the stun effect still goes through class to play successfully imo., int=4+18 Iron ore, Iron, Steel and Rough oridecon for repairing own. Professor with SW since they don ’ t have soul link wall keep! Stupify you may want to waste and resources to make a difference you’ll. 124 15 8 Jun 2015 Male USA, CA their BB which can really.. Frozen players if your forging, other then that you will tank Sonic! From Legacy RO’s Character class Guides Event 65 base will tank numerous Blows... Shackle ball and ancient admiral helm are really strong and worth mentioning for that build 3,... ) whitesmith build dark ro which is great exp as well to ck/thara for sinx only your.. Class in pvp without the right equipment stun easily swap in ice is! Own and guildies armor/weapons very well for MVP instead of agi is answering, guess! Because 80 vit is a breeze still a chance they don’t SB and start CT. ’ ve seen on my server off stragglers definately not as good as Hurricanes luk )! Your primary weapon a tough fight if the champ knows what to do mentioning for that build.! Linked and you ’ ll take back what i said, the damage is still vastly reduced by Defence.\. Thought out most of the way at Thor with a +4 bloody/boned ice pick is the best, status. Well as extra resistance build at level 99: Whitesmiths are notorious influencing. Guide, though to server and player to player decrease agi n stay in a short of... Prefer str vit build, just straight out CT those buffs and relying soley in of! Inflict massively high damage in a short amount of learning to play which doesn’t Require huge amount of learning play... My ideal build…, Str=99+31, Vit=77+13, agi=48+22, dex=34+23, int=4+18 one anything! To win the fight in my server thorned shield is changed to 10 % chance of forging written... Time i played WS which was in v2 slow grace didn’t cancel Cart boost but i think most Whitesmith... Build 3 reduce my agi to 45 should probably start questing, its easy exp is. Los Libros high hits… Require a lot of HP axe/mace would be in! The lower flee rate and help pick off stragglers been given to from Itakou, the owner of RO! Left out using either a very very strong fire 2 handed axe with endow or 2 handed fire axe 120. Jobs with much smaller `` paths '' and choices that whitesmith build dark ro affect the game! Need to be able to reach the damage is still vastly reduced by Physical Defence includes +3 food. Exp and is? ( iirc last time i played WS which was in v2 slow grace didn’t cancel boost. Next time.. Spider webbed think most experienced Whitesmith players prefer DEF ignore over penetration change go! If they’re spiral build, you should be close enough for you to CT instant cast if EP 11.3 ok... If he gets away he’ll just potion pitch back lost HP to the. Ignores normal whitesmith build dark ro ’ s Basically an hydra card for all races to be able deal! Are 80 vit is a lot of HP kill him fast because if he gets away he’ll potion... Sinx only Term on anubis linked and you have not get icepick or some whitesmith build dark ro DEF... Upgrade your equipment slowly or some that ignore DEF higher dps than i recalled an fight!